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Our Mission

Established in 2017, Dachshunds and Friends Rescue is committed to securing permanent and foster homes for dogs in the Southern California area. While our primary focus centers on Dachshunds, we embrace other breeds as well, as indicated by our name. We routinely organize public adoption events at various Southern California locations and are delighted to arrange home visits to accommodate your schedule.

Our Team


Cheryl's journey in the world of dog rescue began when she lost her beloved Dachshund, Sophie, marking her third loss of these cherished pets. In her search for a new companion, she found Mia and soon became deeply involved as a volunteer for the rescue organization. It was a life-changing experience that ignited her passion for saving the lives of dogs in desperate need. Over nearly three years, Cheryl dedicated herself to various roles, from fostering countless dogs to organizing fundraising and adoption events, administering vaccines, conducting home checks, and even transporting dogs, among many other tasks. Her commitment and involvement were all-encompassing. In the spring of 2017, Cheryl made the pivotal decision to start her own rescue, and that's how Dachshunds and Friends Rescue came to be.

More about Cheryl: Cheryl spent much of her life as an educator with the LAUSD beginning in 1989. After thirty years of service to our youth, she retired in 2020. She is supported by her wonderful husband, Dave, who actively contributes to the rescue's endeavors. Her love for dogs is unwavering and she is wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring they receive the care and training necessary to find their forever homes.
Tammy is thrilled to be a part of Dachshunds and Friends Rescue and wholeheartedly supports their mission and vision. Her love for animals has been a constant in her life, whether they were dogs, cats, hamsters, or bunnies. Early on, she had a habit of rescuing dogs from the streets, reuniting them with their families, or finding new homes for those who were homeless.

In 2014, Tammy's path led her to meet a rescuer at her veterinarian's office, and she began fostering for that rescuer for several months. Later on, she discovered a dachshund rescue and met Cheryl Stone, a fellow volunteer. Tammy fostered and volunteered with this organization for a couple of years until Cheryl initiated Dachshunds and Friends Rescue. Without hesitation, Tammy joined forces with Cheryl, deeply admiring Cheryl's passion for dogs and her unwavering commitment to making a difference.

Tammy passionately encourages everyone to contribute to improving the lives of homeless dogs. To date, she has fostered over 60 dogs, firmly believing that fostering is a life-saving endeavor, and she takes great pride in being a rescuer. 🐾❤️

Tammy Rueckner
(Board Member)

Bio coming soon!
Val Aguilar
(Board Member)
Debbi, a retired teacher with a lifelong love for dachshunds, fulfilled her dream of contributing to animal welfare by becoming a foster for Dachshunds and Friends in 2022. After adopting Maggie Mae (a foster fail 🤣), she gradually became more involved in the Rescue, working on social media, adoptions, and events. In 2023, Debbi took her commitment a step further by joining the board, aiming to make an even greater impact on the lives of dogs in need. 🐾💙

Debbi Mjoen
(Board Member)

Board of Directors

Cheryl Stone (Founder & President)
Tammy Rueckner
Val Aguilar
Debbi Mjoen
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